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According to the compatibility horoscope, one can understand if an Aries woman is taming her emotional pride, she is able to coexist peacefully and harmoniously with a Libra man, and then she will feel the full blessing of the fact that she can fully trust someone: that near her lies her beloved and well-balanced Libra man.

I'm an aries women engaged to a libra man we was very much love at first sight and we get on amazingly particly every day just like every relationship we have out of days but soon sorted and made up that day my libra man is a very happy outgoing loving guy so when I read that we are not a suitable compatibility it boggles me because we are a very happy couple.

If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Leo and Aquarius compatibility article on this relationship first.

When he knows im upset, he simply leaves me alone and kinda shuts down.

He's cocky at times; sometimes, I entertain it and other times, I shut it down and let him know, 'not today' lol. Word of advice (and a note to myself), observe his character and don't get so wrapped up in his charm. If you have his attention, you're already winning. he posts bail lol I'm an Aries woman nearing a two year relationship with a Libra male. He cools my fire at times which can be of the most loving nature. After viewing many of the other woman's experiences.

He's open and honest regardless of whether or not I want to hear the truth. Take things slow and if things are moving fast...it down a bit. I concur, mis-communication lies in the polarity in nature of self expression.

So we have been 2gether 2 yrs strange how we are polar opposites yet totally twinkies! I try to focus more on growing from our issues and resolutions. The intensity of this experience is unlike any other I've felt . To suck the venom out of a snake bite will do more harm then help. The world we create is wonderous place and yet a minefield.

I implore anyone to seek understanding at base (overstanding for extensive comprehension) when in any circumstance. The one thing I don't like is the fact they don't communicate! And will never apologize, if I'm wrong, oops" sorry." Never Libra, it just goes under the rug. They love "we'll talk about that later", later never comes!

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