Word vba screen updating

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Since their values never change, they are evaluated only once when your code is compiled, rather than each time they are used at run time.

This is closely tied with Specific Object Type Declaration.

Click Insert Sub Split Into Pages() Dim doc Multiple As Document Dim doc Single As Document Dim rng Page As Range Dim i Current Page As Integer Dim i Page Count As Integer Dim str New File Name As String Application. Copy 'copy the page into the Windows clipboard Set doc Single = Documents. Save As str New File Name 'save the new single-paged document i Current Page = i Current Page 1 'move to the next page doc Single. Collapse wd Collapse End 'go to the next page Loop 'go to the top of the do loop Application.

Screen Updating = False 'Makes the code run faster and reduces screen _ flicker a bit. Go To wd Go To Page, wd Go To Absolute, i Current Page 1 'Set the end of the range to the point between the pages rng Page. Screen Updating = True 'restore the screen updating 'Destroy the objects.

If you're going to work with another application, such as Word, declare your OLE object directly, rather than as an Object type variable.

This method is useful only when you are accessing an object several times during code execution.

It will save lot of time while running macros and best of writing or practice for effective VBA codes or macros in Excel.

The following tips or tricks are the best choice for excellent VBA programmers to write codes in an efficient manner.

Calculation = xl Calculation Automatic before ending of your code.

Note: Other way of stopping calculation in workbook is change calculation mode is xl Calculation Manual.

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