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The Millions for Prisoners Human Rights March in San Jose, with other marches in D.C., Riverside, Calif., and elsewhere, kicked off the New Abolitionist Movement to end prison slavery on Aug. Key to a very successful and hopeful beginning were MC Troy Williams, march coordinator Nube Brown, keynote speaker Watani Stiner and co-coordinator Matthew Sahagian.It is hard to imagine a solution to the Syrian crisis that does not involve Russia.However, despite the long-standing ties between the two countries, even Russia's most-qualified Syria expert may have little insight into the Syrian regime's inner workings.His name was Mikhail Bogdanov, and he’s still around today, as one of Russia’s deputy ministers of foreign affairs.An Arabic-speaking career diplomat, Bogdanov has spent all of his professional life poring over Middle Eastern politics since entering the Soviet diplomatic service in South Yemen in 1974. Between 19, and again between 19, he was stationed at the Damascus embassy, working closely with then Syrian president Hafez al-Assad’s government.While many of us like to imagine world politics as a game of chess between great powers, reality tends to be rather more like a round of flipper: you can knock around the ball for quite a while if you’re fast enough, but get too aggressive and you’ll tilt the game.Even a minor power that depends for its survival on a greater one can act with some level of political autonomy, particularly when it comes to local affairs and certainly if its own survival is at stake.

Yes, I remember as a child, squinting my eyes and peeking through the small holes of the beach net and witnessing all the little White kids playing in the sand.Damascus was abuzz with rumors about who the new heir to the Assad family throne would be. As far as we can tell from the Wikileaks documents, the embassy staff had to make do with listening to the gossip and guesswork of whomever dropped by. The whole scheme is expected to be impenetrable, and it has proved to be so !Watani Sourya, I agree that 'the Alawite ENIGMA [sic] will continue to baffle for as long as Alawites wield power which is not commensurate with their numbers and qualification,' but your argument confuses me. Comments that include profanity, personal attacks, or other inappropriate material will be removed.Additionally, entries that are unsigned or contain "signatures" by someone other than the actual author will be removed.Finally, steps will be taken to block users who violate any of the posting standards, terms of use, privacy policies, or any other policies governing this site.

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