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This guide is intended as a quick reference for the fundamentals of finding, installing, and upgrading packages on a variety of distributions, and should help you translate that knowledge between systems.Most package systems are built around collections of package files.Package repositories help to ensure that code has been vetted for use on your system, and that the installed versions of software have been approved by developers and package maintainers.When configuring servers or development environments, it's often necessary look beyond official repositories.

Along with human-readable text, these often include metadata like version numbers and a list of the package's dependencies.Packages in the stable release of a distribution may be out of date, especially where new or rapidly-changing software is concerned.Nevertheless, package management is a vital skill for system administrators and developers, and the wealth of packaged software for major distributions is a tremendous resource.It's best to update this database before installing or upgrading packages.As a partial exception to this pattern, Making sure that all of the installed software on a machine stays up to date would be an enormous undertaking without a package system.

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