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Since she did sex change operation surgery at 19, the judges reviewed her case and allowed her to rejoin the contest. Her incredibly gorgeous deserved the top of our list 🙂 Here is the link for Jenna Talackova Instagram Gorgeous latina trans woman from Brazil, South America.Marcela Ohio was crowned as the most beautiful transsexual of 2013 at Miss International Queen beauty contest for transgender in Thailand, Pattaya. Here is the link of Marcela Ohio Instagram Famous and beautiful transsexual model in the fashion world.French-North African background, Ines-Loan Rau, stunning 24 years old transsexual model, born in Paris.Has opened up about life as a world-famous female model, having been born a boy. A model that doesn’t lack self-confidence, famous to have been featured on Lurve and American Playboy magazine.Here again, a pic that shock many men discovering she was born male.

Next article dedicated to transgender beauty queens, will be featuring to the other side of the globe! Furthermore, with coming updates, about transgender models and celebrities, we will create a dedicated photo gallery of each model.

Born in Brazil, relocated in Italy in her childhood and grown there, she is also known to be the daughter of a celeb soccer player of Rome team, Toninho Cerezo.

Lea T had SRS (sexual reassignment surgery ) in Thailand, in 2013.

And even celebrities, beauty queens use to show their professional or amateur / private life pics to their fans.

Here we have selected a one shot photo, for each model our gallery, and links of most beautiful transsexuals as tribute to their successful career, and commitment in various fields.

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