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After the frenzied attack, the robbers fled the scene carrying bags and phones.

The remaining members of the group ran for help and a rescue helicopter was dispatched.

A British couple from Essex have been stabbed and robbed while on a hiking holiday in South Africa.

The motive behind the incident is unknown and the police are investigating.

Eyewitness Khuthali Zondo was walking past the luxury Michelangelo Towers when she saw the 'horrific image' of the 51 year old's body smashing onto the back window of a car as the chauffeur sat at the wheel.

The emergency services and police came and taped off the area, but there was nothing they could do for the guy.'The entrepreneur was thought to be still mourning the loss of Mr Frisch, who was killed in 2007 after falling from an eighth-floor balcony following a night of taking party drug ketamine.

Police have searched the apartment he had rented for just one night for any clues to the fall, on Saturday morning.

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