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One other horse racing note: take a look at the name of this horse that competed in a race in the lead up to the big one. Someone named a horse extrasexyhippzster, the son of There's more, and you should really go watch it.

The kid, who already had a ball in his non-glove hand, caught a foul ball.

I spent three days in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, and two in its cultural capital Tartu. And I spent three days in Vilnius, capital of Lithuania, which included a small day-trip to Trakai.

Tallinn I didn’t like because it was a superficial tourist town.

At the same time, it was chilling, as I visited the Museum of Genocide victims – the former KGB local headquarters and torture chambers today – I am still shaking from the experience.

Estonians are closely related to the Finns, and more distantly, the Sami (indigenous Laplanders) and Hungarians.

Whilst four plus thousand years has created a completely different looking ethnicity for both nations, as well as variation in language from the tribes they both apparently originated from – I could still see a lot of similarities between the language, which was startling as Lithuanian and Greek – despite both Indo-European languages – are completely different sub-categories.

Some words I found from the Chinese restaurant, and whilst walking in the streets (English – Lithuanian – Greek)…this is incomplete, would appreciate corrections.

Unfortunately, the hostel I stayed out was a crazy party place. Vilnius is hilarious – for example, my hostel is located in the ‘breakaway republic’ of Uzupis, across the river from the centre of the city.

Tartu I didn’t see because I spent most of time indoors with my hosts (met a girl in Paris, and she and her friends took care of me – hard to sightsee in the rain).

Riga I don’t remember – something to do with four dollar Vodka bottles (dollars as in Aussie Pesos, more like three USD).

” Lithuania, like Latvia and Estonia, are countries everyone seems to have heard about, but know absolutely nothing about them.

Synonymous with communism with my parents generation, and Eurovision with my generation, the Baltic three actually have a rich history and give the traveller a diverse experience, whether it be in beautiful countryside, evidence of Soviet brutality, or good ‘ol stag parties (cheap alcohol, beautiful women, bargain flights from England = a perfect weekend away with the boys).

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