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Hi Jack, you’ve got to remember that we’re talking about words here.The concept "Pantheistic God" perfectly fits the definition of something that is a “being” but not an “entity.” That’s all that matters in the universe of discourse created by this particular Moo T question. from Vancouver (vide infra), in that I affirm his interpretation of "distinct." This is, however, as the Brits used to say, a nice question, and reasonable people (also vide infra) may disagree about the answer.I played Moo T at a dinner party this weekend and it was the first game I really enjoyed. I have no issues with using the COD as the rule for the game, but this one is a bit too "lawyerly". I actually like this type of question — even though it might seem too lawyerly — because it does make a distinction between words that otherwise would seem to be exact synonyms.

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PS I have recommended it to several friends, and I know one bought it right away. A possible example of something that has an indistinct existence is Schrödinger's cat, an imagined being that is both dead and alive at the same instant.

In a world where there is nothing but God, there's nothing left to distinguish him from.

One of our assumptions about a world in which the idea of "distinguish" or "distinct" exist, is that there are things to distinguish.

(Now, for my statement to be true, I have to concede we would all have to agree that imaginary cats can be spoken of as having existence.

As you can see, your question opens up all sorts of cans of worms.) I don't know.

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