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la douleur qui réside en nous, répond à votre douleur. Please message admin if you have a question or concern.

Were you severely damaged by epidurals, epidural steroid injections, spinal nerve blocks, myelograms, surgeries, or other invasive procedures in your spine? We have members from around the world who have varying beliefs and religious backgrounds. Admin are Dawn Gonzalez, Ember Fin, Sarah Elizabeth Hirschle, Rebecca Stivers Medina, Tatjana Lomsdalen, Breanda Faye Taylor, Toni Richmond Werner, Judith Kay Bradley When you request to join this group, you will receive a private message from one of our admins.

Arachnoiditis Group: This group’s purpose is to be able to interact with each other on a timely basis and to allow members to exchange views, bring support to one another, a fertile reality based on solidarity, sharing, love, and respect for each other.

Non-judgemental NO “Spell Police” 🙂 Impartial information, Guidance/ advice and support Respect Laughter and fun Support and care Self-help Hello and welcome to the Arachnoiditis Media Support Group. This Group is Only for Caregivers, if you have Arachnoiditis please ask to join Arachnoiditis Everyday, or Arachnoiditis on Face Book.#Arachnoiditis #failedbacksurgerysyndrome #epidurals #failedbacksyndrome #intractablepain #epiduralsteroidinjections #chronicpain #meningitis #adhesions #chemicalmeningitis ———————————————————————— Members we updated our rules. We want to keep this group a safe, private, neutral ground for all. ***Post or comments relating to the below may be deleted by admin. A place where you can learn, support others, and feel loved.The main thing is we support each other and will not tolerate is a bunch of drama, so if that is what you are here to create, be prepared to be removed from the group.Yet it also has the least acknowledgment, understanding, and acceptance. You are cordially invitited to join us for an exciting, education weeked that is for the patient and provider!The conference will be held in Helena, Montana on July 9, 2016- July 10 2016.

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