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So, to make sure everyone can see this tutorial, the original video is on this page towards the end (it’s the only video on the page)…

Go check it out, then come back to read the rest of the tutorial!

Also, you won’t have access to G’MIC’s Bilateral Blur for smoothing.

And, seriously, it’s G’MIC - you should have it anyway for all the other cool stuff it does!

US: Freaky Details German photographer/digital artist/photoshop trainer Calvin Hollywood has a rather unique style to his photography.

It’s a sort of edgy, gritty, hyper-realistic result, almost a blend between illustration and photography.

Here is the original video I saw him describing this technique in from Scott Kelby’s blog, Photoshop Insider during a guest appearance: I’ve been told there are problems loading the page with IE if I include the video I first saw this technique on.And here is a more current Youtube video from Calvin that describes this technique using a different image: In my meandering around different retouching tutorials I came across it a while ago, and wanted to replicate the results in GIMP if possible.There were a couple of problems that I ran into for replicating the exact same workflow: Those problems have been rectified (and I have more patience these days to figure out what exactly was going on), so let’s see what it takes to replicate this effect in GIMP! In a world that requires our constant focus on hustling to work and preparing food, we just don’t have the time for a full-scale pursuit of love.Dating is now done with your fingertips, with little extra effort you can find love just about anywhere.

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