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For much of the film, he appears to be a perfectly respectable member of society; highly intelligent, immensely knowledgeable in his chosen field of study, and anxious to see the world improved by the presence of a superhero, he even serves as a mentor of sorts to David in encouraging him to achieve his true potential.

Elijah has been a recluse throughout his entire life, as a child refusing to leave his home for fear of breaking himself, and acting rather antisocially on several occasions as an adult.

The film begins with Elijah orchestrating a train crash, killing 130 passengers and crew.

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David continues to disbelieve Elijah's theories of superhuman resilience, citing an incident in which he almost drowned, and considers ending their discussions after his son almost shoots him in an attempt to prove his powers exist.

As an adult, Elijah's devotion to comic books gradually inspired him to start his own comic book art gallery, Limited Edition; though regarded as a perfectly respectable business by the general public, it was also to become Elijah's workshop - his office becoming a planning center for continued attempts to locate his superhuman antithesis. One of us has made a gross error and wasted the other person's valuable time...

Here, he would make bombs, plan future acts of sabotage, and chart the patterns of survival in catastrophes throughout the world - some of them planned by him, some entirely accidental.

Seeking him out, Elijah plants a business card on the front of David's car, inviting him to Limited Edition; however, after hearing the eccentric art dealer's theory, David isn't convinced and leaves under the impression that he's being scammed. Night Shyamalan Split, at the end of the film David Dunn appears eating at a restaurant.

Undeterred, Elijah follows him to the football stadium where he works, gradually charming him into an extended conversation. When a news report talks about The Horde, the main antagonist of Split, one waitress talked about a crazy guy in the wheelchair that they put away 15 years ago and he was given a weird name too. Notice the square jaw of Slayer-common in most comic book heroes.

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