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I know we've talked about how much we love each other and it's been so quick but I really want to show you so bad how much I love you. " over and over before replying "Absolutely" and kissing her new fiancé.I want you to be confident I'm in this for you and I'm in this forever and I want you to spend the rest of your life with me and [my son] Taylor."Pieper then got down on one knee and produced a Neil Lane ring as host Chris Harrison, the other contestants and members of the audience cheered and clapped."Would you make me the happiest man in the entire world and would you be my wife - will you marry me, Blakeley Shea? The couple were then congratulated by Harrison and their , saying: "It was a pleasant surprise that the two of them even hooked up, but to see them fall in love and start a life together is a wonderful thing.[Warning: Spoilers ahead.] The episode began by introducing the evicted contestants, all back for another five minutes in the sun.We learn early on the Kalon and Lindzi are still going strong, so everyone can breathe a sigh of relief.Now it’s time for Rachel and Nick to decide what to do with the 0,000.If they both decide to share the money, the cash is split evenly between them.two couples -- Rachel Truehart and Nick Peterson, and Chris Bukowski and Sarah Newton – sought the championship win and the 0,000 prize.

that he and Jones are no longer planning to marry."Unfortunately, things didn't work as we had hoped," Pieper disclosed. It just ended up being a lot harder than we expected. She deserves total happiness."Jones had relocated to Pieper's native Portland following their engagement, but is now expected to move back to Charlotte.But only after falling head over heals for Chris Bukowski on the same season.Blakeley relocated to Beaverton, Oregon to be with fiancee Tony and his son, but unfortunately the relationship did not last long and Blakeley moved back to North Carolina and returned her 0,000 Neil Lane engagement ring —- along with Courtney Robertson BTW in October of 2012. She is now in a relationship with her baby daddy Simon Chi.Rachel, who joins the show later, does not see it the same way.Rachel says she really trusted Michael, and she feels betrayed too.

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